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Buying or selling a home is one of the largest financial transactions individuals ever make. At Law Office of Eugene Dankanych, we know our clients place trust in us as lawyers that any potential problems with their purchase will be discovered and addressed. We offer legal services that fulfill these client expectations.
Our Toronto residential real estate lawyers take the time to thoroughly review the details of your property purchase or sale so you can leave our offices confident that you have complete knowledge of the pending transfer. You will also be armed with advance knowledge of any particular constraints on the title that will be in place once you assume ownership.

Purchase Agreement And Title Search Lawyers

As a regular part of our conveyancing practice and a critical step we recommend to our clients who are purchasing property, our firm performs title searches on the property before the offer becomes legally binding. A title search is necessary to find out if there are any burdens on your property title. For example, a title search will reveal if a neighbour has a right of way on the property or if a strata development has rules that might be incompatible with your intended use.
Title searches are part of the service package we provide to clients and do not incur additional fees at our firm. We see this due diligence on your property purchase as a fundamental part of the comprehensive legal service we provide to clients.

Serving Out-Of-Country Buyers And Real Estate Agent Referrals

Our office's close relationships within the Toronto real estate community means we often receive referrals from real estate agents who share our desire for client satisfaction and want their buyers and sellers to make use of our advice. Our clients often include buyers from outside of Canada who seek to purchase a home in Toronto or elsewhere in Ontario. Our familiarity with these kinds of transactions makes the experience an easy one for clients.

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