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Law Office of Yeven Dankanych is a business and real estate office whose legal team is dedicated to serving client needs for asset protection and the long-term governance of their businesses. Our clients include seasoned entrepreneurs as well as everyday families who require high-quality legal advice from lawyers who understand their needs and understand their business operations.
Located in Toronto, we offer clients will drafting and estate planning services and advise on the creation of powers of attorney and representation agreements.

Will Drafting Lawyers In Toronto

One of the benefits of having a will includes having assurance that your assets will be distributed as you wish. Without a will in place, Provincial laws will determine who gets what, and in what order. For business owners, a testamentary document is necessary to lay out how the business will be transferred to the next generation.

Powers Of Attorney And Representation Agreements

Each individual can grant another party the legal authority to make important financial and personal decisions on his or her behalf. The most common tools to grant this authority are powers of attorney and representation agreements.
We advise clients on the most appropriate conditions to be placed on a power of attorney, for example, if it is for a specific purpose only, is generally applicable or involves the transfer of land. In each of these cases, legal requirements must be met and time limits may apply to the term of the attorney's authority.
Our office's legal team also creates enduring powers of attorney in the case of mental incapacitation. Individuals who require another person to make decisions about their health and personal care may also wish to create a representation agreement to ensure their wishes are upheld for the long term.

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