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Estates and Estate Disputes

The legal team of Law Office of Eugene Dankanych is dedicated to provide services to estates and families in the Toronto and throughout Ontario. Located in Toronto, our work is client-focused. We offer our clients personal, one-on-one advice with respect to their estate needs.

Ontario Probate Lawyers

Estate administration and probate are court-supervised legal processes which include confirming a deceased person's will is valid and then distributing the deceased's assets and paying his or her debts. Our lawyers both advise executors and act in that role on behalf of estates.
If you have been named executor in a loved one's will, you do not need to act in that capacity if you have not yet begun to perform the executor's duties. Speaking with one of our lawyers can help you to decide if you do wish to proceed as executor, aided by our advice and guidance, or if you wish us to take on the role of executor on your behalf.

Toronto Estate Litigation Counsel

Beneficiaries to an estate can disagree about the will's stated dispersion of assets. A challenge to the will may be over significant money or investments, or small items considered to be of personal or sentimental value. In addition, an individual who feels he or she was unfairly excluded from a will can launch a challenge pursuant to the Wills Variation Act. At Law Office of Eugene Dankanych, we offer estate litigation services in the event of an estate dispute.

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Our Toronto estate lawyers see our clients as the core of our business. We establish each new client relationship with the intent to serve our clients' legal needs on an ongoing basis. To schedule an appointment to discuss your situation contact us online or call us at +1(416) 939-5615.

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